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ICU Setup at Home

Access professional medical supervision

We can help you set up a full-scale ICU at your home for critically ill patients. It can be a post-hospitalisation requirement or a part of your normal recovery. 

A home setup is more cost effective and provides the same level of monitoring as a hospital. You get advanced medical equipment and trained staff to attend to your needs. 

Most importantly, doctors are on standby to respond to any concerns. 

An ICU at your home reduces stress and provides personalised care.

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Neuropalliative Care at Home image

Neuropalliative Care at Home

Lead better lives today

Professional care is a key method in treating life-threatening ailments. Our neuropalliative care addresses several aspects to ensure well-being, such as emotional, physical, and psychological. 

Moreover, we can help patients manage symptoms and pain for a better life. You can make a difference by seeking palliative care for chronic or progressive neurological diseases. 

Our medical staff is highly experienced and possesses the required qualification to support your healthcare needs.

Cancer Palliative Care at Home

Caring Compassionately, Healing Powerfully

Professional care, indeed, plays a pivotal role in managing life-threatening conditions. At Caregivers Kolkata, we specialize in neuropalliative care, an approach that comprehensively addresses emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of patients’ well-being.

Our expert teams are equipped to manage symptoms and pain effectively, providing the much-needed relief in chronic or progressive neurological diseases. Their vast experience and qualifications ensure that your healthcare needs are met with utmost proficiency.

Choosing palliative care with us not only alleviates the suffering but also promises a significantly improved quality of life. Trust us to bring compassionate, professional care right to your doorstep.

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Hemodialysis Image

Hemodialysis at Home

Experience Convenient Haemodialysis at Home for Kidney Health

Exemplary professional care is paramount in addressing kidney failure, a life-altering health challenge. Opting for the best home hemodialysis in Kolkata through Caregivers Kolkata guarantees a multifaceted approach to your well-being. Our proficient team not only ensures efficient dialysis procedures but also provides extensive emotional and psychological support.

By choosing our esteemed home healthcare services, you empower yourself or your loved ones to manage symptoms and maintain a higher quality of life during the treatment journey.

Our medical staff comprises dedicated, highly qualified individuals who bring compassionate expertise to cater to your healthcare necessities.

Elderly Care

Helping seniors age with dignity

Ageing brings a host of challenges, which may be difficult to manage alone. Even loved ones may not be able to devote time to caring for elders.

Our trained team is available to care for your elderly family members. We provide end-to-end services to look after the wellbeing of your parents or relatives. Our staff can assist seniors in managing everyday tasks and avoid concerns like injuries. 

We can also provide medical care whenever necessary for complete peace of mind.

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Nursing Service

Professional nurses for competent care

Our nurses have devoted themselves to the noble cause of serving humankind. They are your best choice when you need personal and adept care at your home. 

We can help you manage diseases that come in your way of life. You can trust us for recovery and post-recovery care without leaving the boundaries of your house. 

Our nurses are trained to provide special care for children and the elderly. They have a long experience in helping patients get better. 

Home Vaccination

Delivered at the comforts of your home

Vaccines play a vital role in preventing many diseases. Our expert staff can deliver home vaccination to your doorstep to help you avoid travelling. You can count on us to lead a healthy life free from ailments. 

Our vaccination services are available to children, adults, and seniors. You can contact us to get vaccinated against COVID, measles, H1N1, typhoid, chicken flu, and more. We take extra care to make the experience painless and provide all advice required to stay healthy.

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COVID/Post-COVID Care​ image


Essential care for COVID patients

We are experienced in caring for COVID patients at home. Our team helps you manage your symptoms and follow all the guidelines during and post-recovery. We monitor our patients for any signs of concern and make the best treatment available. 

Recovering from COVID requires you to follow a strict lifestyle for a few days. We help you rehabilitate and get back to your life and usual duties. 

You have nothing to worry about when you have us by your side

Doctor on Call

Book home calls with the best experienced doctors in Kolkata

Our doctors can come to your home to diagnose and treat your problem. They are highly qualified and have been treating patients for many years. You can get in touch with us for booking a session with a general physician or specialist. 

It is possible to choose a time of your convenience matching our availability. Call us or send an email for any queries or information.

* Please book 24 hours prior to renown doctors for home calls.

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