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We specialise in providing expert medical care and support for people of all ages.

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The Best Healthcare in the City

Medical Experts at Your Doorstep

Young, adults, and elderly fall under the purview of our service. We can facilitate recoveries of your family members during and post-treatment. Our staff is trained to attend to all the medical needs of the patients for a wide spectrum of diseases. 

We provide special care for the elderly at home. They don’t have to leave you for old age homes and spend their time away from people they love. We provide qualified and trained nurses for critically-ill patients, complete with life support and medical equipment. 

Countless patients and seniors trust us for our esteemed caregiving in Kolkata. We welcome you to book our services and find out why we are the best.  

Access High-Quality Healthcare at Home.

Caregivers is a leading healthcare provider excelling in at-home services. We blend compassion with professional medical care to look after your loved ones. We serve as a bridge to solve the lack of medical access and infrastructure for vulnerable populations.

Let Mobility Never be a Barrier

We believe quality healthcare should be available to everyone. As a result, we came up with a convenient service to serve your medical needs at your home. You can contact our team for vaccinations, COVID care, post-hospitalisation care, and more. 

Our team lets you attain complete peace of mind as we are assisting your loved one’s recovery. We have the best doctors in our team to treat your fever, pneumonia, or injury. Moreover, we hire only skilled professionals who have proven their worth. 

You can expect international standards and utmost attention to detail. We can provide professional care at par with leading hospitals. You can count on us for emergencies any time of the day, even at midnight. 

Convenience is the cornerstone of your service. We prioritise every patient and provide personalised care. We are known for our dedication and always promote the well-being of our clients. 

We are among the top caregivers in Kolkata for good reasons!

Our Team

Leading Experts for the Best Healthcare

We are a team of committed medical professionals at your service. Our staff consists of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, rehabilitators, Speech & Swallow Therapist, Critical Care technologist and more from different fields of medical science. We are experienced in caring for different situations to achieve optimal clinical outcomes. Our team helps you manage your ailments and lead a pain-free life.

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Arundhati Dasgupta


Arundhati Dasgupta is a passionate Healthcare professional. She is a qualified dietician and has been working with some very senior doctors of the city for quite a few years now.

Driven by her intent to do something in the Healthcare domain, Arundhati started her homecare vertical Caregivers in 2021. Her sole objective was to make healthcare available at the doorstep for patient who needs care, comfort and cure with the best quality.

Caregivers today gives some of the best healthcare services at home with skilled manpower and efficient on time equipment delivery. Arundhati handles the entire operation and coordination herself personally mainly to give the right support and confidence to patient’s family who are normally under stress with their closed ones unwell.

Key Team Members


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